our mission : unlocking new horizons pioneering disruptive therapeutics to nurture new space explorers’ health as well as their well-being and supply efficient space-certified products to people on earth

BIOSPACE THERAPIES is a series of experiments exploring the unique environment of microgravity and how it can be harnessed to create a stronger therapeutic effect. the program focuses on the tangible benefits of conducting biological research and nano-emulsion development in the zero-gravity environment of space. 

Space is the future

Harnessing the unique potential of space as a catalyst,
The future of research is not just on Earth, it’s in space ! Producing a nanoemulsion under microgravity using a lab-on-a-chip can offer several benefits including improved droplet size distribution, reduced coalescence, reduced shear stress, more efficient mixing, and enhanced clarity. These benefits make this technology particularly beneficial for sensitive biological or pharmaceutical formulations, as well as industries such as cosmetics or food science where clarity is a crucial quality attribute.

A breakthrough for space exploration 

Protecting long haul space travelers and long time residents from deep space harsh environment

Space explorers face a range of critical health problems due to the unique conditions and challenges of microgravity and space radiation

Unlocking the full potential of natural resources for human health

Supplying efficient space certified products to people on Earth

In the boundless expanse of the cosmos, natural resources unveil unparalleled strengths. Harnessing this cosmic potential, we’re refining Earth’s treasures for superior health benefits. Our space-certified products bring the universe’s edge directly to you, offering unmatched efficacy for the well-being of all on Earth. Experience the celestial difference.



The first nano emulsion in space

In march 2023, Supersonic Bio Tech flew to space into the ISS Lab for a series of experiments on anti-aging compounds. For the first time, 2 selected anti-aging biological compounds were nano-emulsified to improve their absorption and bioavailability, and then injected into vascularized skin


The success of the SpaceX CRS-27 mission, in collaboration with SpacePharma, serves as a catalyst for further exploration and development in the realm of anti-aging cosmeceuticals.​​

Anti Aging

Unlocking new frontiers of healthcare innovation and beyond

The experiments conducted in March 2023 can help businesses across various industries, including skincare, food & beverages, and pharmaceuticals, enhance their product offerings. Is your product fitted for New space ?


from deep hydration to age-defying solutions, harness the science of nature and innovation for radiant, resilient skin.

Food & beverages

merging nature’s finest with cutting-edge innovation for richer flavors, enhanced nutrition, and unparalleled culinary experiences.


Redefining wellness: combining nature’s potency with advanced science to create next-generation treatments, promoting health and healing like never before.


Biospace Therapies is led by two forward thinking companies Supersonic Biotech and Space
Pharma. Together, we are shaping the future of healthy aging and space exploration
support by pushing the boundaries of human potential

A leading startup in nanostructured particles from natural ingredients. Using microfluidic capillaries and shear force, we boost absorption and bioavailability of insoluble particles, ensuring quick and prolonged release of bioactive compounds for optimal therapeutic results.

SpacePharma’s involvement in this collaboration is key to the success of the mission. Their advanced factory in space and end-to-end solutions are essential to the production of a highly stable and effective final product.

Join us in our mission to make the world an healthier place

“At Spaceborn therapies, we are always seeking new ways to push the boundaries of nanotechnology and revolutionize the healthcare industry.”

That’s why we are always on the lookout for top-notch suppliers of medicinal plants, botanists to partner with, and other innovative solutions that will help us continue to make a real difference in people’s lives.

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